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Delegation from COE-ZJU Visits South Korea for Summer Exchange

Date: 2019-09-02       Visitcount: 58

On September 1, teachers and students from the College of Education of Zhejiang University went to Seoul, South Korea, to attend the one-week 2019 Summer Exchange Camp at Korean Universities, which aims to enhance the students academic and cultural communication. Led by Gu Jianmin and other three teachers, there are totally 19 undergraduates participating in this program.

The camp will go to Seoul National University, Korea University, Korea Sports University, National University, and cultural institutions such as Tsing Wa Dae, King Fuk Palace, War Memorial Hall, National Museum. At these places, students can have a better understanding of the education and culture in Korean, broaden their horizon and improve the ability of judging matters in international understanding.

At 7 p.m., the delegation watched a professional football match between the All-North Team against Seoul Team at stadium. We could hear rhythmic music during the whole match. It is so excited to hear fans shouting and cheering loudly. We felt fully integrated into the competition and those Korean students showed the sports spirits and fans supporting culture to us. The football match has made a good start for the delegations visit to South Korea and we are looking forward to the schedule in following days.

On the morning of September 2nd, we visited the National Museum of Korea and experienced the majestic charm of history. From prehistoric to modern times, from painting to sculptures, the exhibits in the museum showed us the pictures of Korean historical development, which gives us a deeper understanding of Korea. We also met many student groups during the visit, which reflected the educational role of the museum as an informal learning place. Some contents of Korean history have the shadow of China. When we visited, we could link the history of the two countries and lament Chinas long history.

In the afternoon, we visited the Korea Sports National University and visited many advanced training venues and seriously training students. Afterwards, we communicated with the principals and teachers of the Korea National Sports University. Lu Xinping gave a brief introduction of Zhejiang University to the teachers, which deepened their understanding of Zhejiang University. The teachers of the two schools communicated in depth and laid a solid foundation for future friendly cooperation.

  Edited by Li Yaoyao & Xu Linyan

Photo by Qian Pengchao

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